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Twin Imaging Technology supports a number of the functional requirements described in the Seaport-e contract. We are presently forming teams with other small and large businesses.

Twin Imaging is looking forward to providing high-quality service to the U.S. Navy.

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      Company      Customer      Contract                 Title                             Twin Imaging Technology     National Naval Medical Center          N00168-06-P-1620  Document Imaging Services
Twin Imaging Technology     National Naval Medical Center          N00168-07-P-0266  Document Imaging Services
Quality Assurance Plan
Twin Imaging Technology has established, documented, implemented and maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with applicalbe standards and regulations. Twin Imaging Technology continually improves the effectiveness of its QMS.

The entire content of the Quality Management System is focused toward meeting the expectations and needs of our customers and provides a road map for establishing and maintaining the quality of services and deliverables.

The QMS includes formal procedures governing areas of quality, including Management Responsibility, Work Planning and Instructions, Document controls, Record requirements, SOPs and Internal audits. Project managers and team leads have responsibility for quality services. They work together to ensure that implementation and control of the project are effective by properly determining the required methods and criteria that will meet the requirments of the customer. Quality personnel independent of the project review ongoing progress to ensure schedules, requirements, specifications described in customer work orders are met. Discrepancies are discussed and resolved. In some instances the customer point of contact may be requested to provide clarification. 
Task Order
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Twin Imaging Technology was awarded acceptance into the Department of the Navy's Seport-e program under contract: